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Cleaning Crystals

Crystals may need cleaning if they are dusty, dirty or have accumulated some negative energies.  It’s like if your walking down the road and someone is whistling a happy tune and says “Good morning” with a big smile – this is contagious and would put you into a good mood.  Opposite happens with a bad mood energy.  Crystals can store energy from another person and then transmit that energy.  There is Dr. Masaru Emoto
who proved scientifically that intention can create beautiful ice crystals and clean water that was once dirty.  He did this by taking two samples of water and one sample went to a holy person who prayed for the water.  The holy water formed beautiful ice crystals and the other water formed ugly blobs of ice.  He would use words like love hope faith happiness, pictures and music.  Thank you Dr.Masaru Emoto.

Intention Cleansing

This is done by holding or touching the crystal to be cleansed.  Close your eyes and clear your third eye, think white paper or clear water to clear your third eye.  Then project positive thought into crystal, say in your mind or out aloud “Crystal cleanse your self, be good and be free.  Thank you”.  Don’t forget to thank the crystal and this is best done when you are in a clear state of mind and in a good positive mood.

Full Moon Cleansing

Put Crystals to be cleaned in a window where the full moon light can bathe the Crystals overnight.

Washing Solid Crystals

Quartz and solid crystals can be cleaned in warm or cool water.  Hot water can cause a crystal to crack, fracture or break from thermal stresses.  Just run water from tap or hose over Quartz, this will clear all the dust away.  You could use a mild dish wash detergent and scrub with brush then rinse.


Many Crystals like Calcite, Fluorite and Quartz will fade and bleach out in the direct Sun.  We recommend not leaving bright coloured Crystals in the direct Sun for too long.

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