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Trader Info to fill in the details for participating at the Sydney Crystal Show.

Large and medium sized Traders can drive up to their tables to unload and drop off product or equipment.  This starts from 6am bump in.  All vehicles need to be out by 8am.  Small Traders and Stall holders will then set up.

Trading starts at 10am and we finish at 6pm.  Then we bump in from 630pm and bump out starting at 9pm.  By 11pm the hall will be clear of traders.

There is discounted parking for traders onsite at $10 for the whole day.  Some great hotel accommodation is available ranging from 3 to 5 star.  There is a discount coupon available for traders and visitors for this event.  Many restaurants, cafe, some shops and a train station are at this venue.  The venue The Howie Pavilion is located in Sydney Showground and is well designed for many large events and centered in the highest density population in Australia.  This is where many big games, events and Rock Concerts are held as well as the Easter Show.  The Easter show is just before our Sydney Crystal Show and attracts 900,000 people.

We have booked a great hall with lots of natural light at a time of the year when the weather is simply pleasant.  Our intention is to grow the best Crystal Show in Aussie with the best stone traders, artisans, and top quality craft with a few psychic mediums to cater to a wider audience.  Great enjoyable entertainment for all, there’s nothing like a great treasure hunt.

There is the Howie Cafe on a mezzanine floor in the hall.  There are other cafes around the site too.  Professional security will be in the hall along with a team of marshals to help with security.  There are several ATMs onsite.

Howie Cafe

A massive advertising campaign is under way including international, interest groups, clubs, organisations, online, mailing list, social media and good old fashioned print.


The cost is $90 per linear meter in 1.8m increments.  This includes a straight run of tables for the meters paid.  Traders with 5.4m or three tables or more will be provided with one backing table.  Traders with 6 tables or more will be provided with two backing tables.  There will be a power lead outlet for each Trader.


Sale on for a short time early bird only, $150 per 6′ table.  Click link below for details.

You can pay online for table space here.

International Traders or Dealers are invited as are any stone Traders in Aussie.  All we need is some basic details with $20,000,000 public liability insurance, a signed contract and payment by due date.

Public Liability Insurance can be bought from several vendors, for a single day or yearly.  Here are some options.
We do not endorse any of these and there are many other alternate providers out there.
My Market Insurance

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Email us [email protected]

You can call us on +61 02 95596737.

Check out the hall

Trader Info Howie Pavilion

Check out the awesome 3d image here.

Then click on the 360° interactive tour

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The plan would be to arrive in Sydney the night before as it will be a long productive and worthwhile day on show day.  We expect many thousands to turn out.  Work hard on the show day and enjoy another night in Sydney.  Then travel safely home.


Some details are a Work In Progress and subject to change.